The campus of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT/UNL) is like a small city. Besides the academic premises you can find, among its twenty buildings, many bars, self-services and restaurants, a cantina, a bank, a bookshop, a travel agent, several start-up companies, a convenience shop (small supermarket), a computers shop, a printing shop, the students association, a students residence, a large cinema, kinder garden, nurse ward, sport fields, large parking facilities, etc.

The FCT/UNL was created in 1977, and is today one of the most prestigious Portuguese university faculties in the fields of engineering and sciences, with almost 7000 students following BSc, MSc and PhD degrees. Around 500 professors and researchers (320 of which are PhDs) and over 200 administrative staff members complete the FCT population. FCT is organized in 14 academic departments (Informatics, Environment, Materials Science, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Earth Sciences, Biotechnology, Hydrosphere Ecology, Restoration and Social Sciences), 18 highly recognized research centres and 14 support services.


Selected photos

Aerial view

Campus schema

Campus map

Campus entrance

Conference building (NE)

Conference building (NW)

Conference main entrance

Conference main hall (NE)

Conference main hall (NW)                     

A conference room

Another conference room

Welcome reception building

Caparica crowded beach

Caparica sea

Caparica long beach

25 Abril iron bridge (south)

25 Abril iron bridge (north)

Cristo Rei and iron bridge

Lisbon from the river Tagus

Cristo Rei

Almada from Cristo Rei



FCT/UNL campus visit

Click here for a map of the campus with lots of geo-referenced photos!


QUATIC’2007 location inside the FCT/UNL campus

The conference will take place at the building VII.


How to reach the FCT/UNL Campus

From: Lisboa - Praça de Espanha

By car

Take the A2 high-way to the "Setúbal" direction, then turn right after the "25 de Abril" bridge, taking the "Caparica" direction. Drive through the "Costa de Caparica" road till the "Universidade" (University) exit.

By public transportation

You can take TST buses that connect "Praça de Espanha" to "Costa de Caparica". The descent will be taken on the road from "Almada" to "Costa de Caparica".

From: Lisboa - Cais do Sodré

By public transportation

Take the boat to "Cacilhas" at the "Cais do Sodré" peer (it will take about 12 minutes) or the boat to "Cacilhas" at "Terreiro do Paço" peer (it will take about 10 minutes). Reaching "Cacilhas", you can use the following TST buses: "Marisol", "Fonte da Telha" or "Costa de Caparica", with descent at "Casas Velhas". If you chose the bus to "Trafaria", the descent will have to be at "Quinta da Torre".

From: Lisboa - Belém

By public transportation

Take the boat to "Porto Brandão" at the "Belém" peer (it will take about 12 minutes), followed by a TST bus with the "Monte de Caparica" destination. You will have to make the descent at "Quinta da Torre".

From: Setúbal

By car

Take the A2 high-way on the "Lisboa" direction. Turn at the "Caparica" exit (before the "25 de Abril" bridge) and follow the "Costa de Caparica" till the "Universidade" (University) exit.



Links to transports for reaching the FCT/UNL Campus 

Trastejo cruise line



TST bus


124 125 126 127 146 158

Carris bus/tramway



Sul Fertagus train line



Sul doTejo





Links to transports for travelling around








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